fresh-squeezed ideas

intentional results

fresh-squeezed ideas

intentional results

fresh-squeezed ideas

intentional results

orangeKarma's mission is to help sports and wellness companies of all sizes deliver exceptional experiences for your communities.

Our specialty is helping you design, build and implement strategic partnerships that unlock hidden opportunities for your customers, your team, your partners, and you.

We have three practice areas designed to catapult your organization to the next level.

Group 11

It’s mission time! Let’s team up to launch and grow your business.


Are you ready to take your business idea to the next level? Let's team up and launch it together! Our experts will guide you through every step of the process and ensure your progress. We are your go-to for a range of products:


  Raise capital for your business

  Launch your brand & digital presence

  Build proof of concepts & prototypes

  Bring your product to market


Let's team up on your business journey today.


Group 10

Partnerships are the secret sauce that will enable you to reach new customers rapidly and cost-effectively. We will ensure you build synergistic partnerships for your unique business goals.


Whether you're selling to businesses or consumers, your relevance and growth depend on fostering meaningful content, marketing, and technology partnerships. We are here to guide you through the process of defining, building, and managing these partnerships to ensure you solve your customer's needs.


  Develop lead-gen through your partners

  Upsell partner products to your customers

  Build a win-win-win partnership model

  Launch an end-to-end partnership program

Let's build a strong community of partners that will help your and your customers businesses thrive!
Group 12

Ready to become a world champion? We know what it takes to become a powerhouse platform.

A novel and game-changing platform requires shifting your focus from serving one customer type to providing value for the universe of customers, each with individual needs. It's a big step, but the rewards are significant. Let us assess your full market opportunity and write a winning playbook.


  Define your technology strategy

  Evaluate company & market readiness

  Lock on your platform strategy

By working with orangeKarma, you'll master the steps required to becoming a leading platform. Create an ongoing powerful platform strategy to drive growth and boost the overall success of your business.

Bharat Chopra - Founder & CEO

Bharat is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for helping others maximize their potential. His superpower is in helping identify, design, and build content, marketing, and technology partnerships to better serve end users. In doing so he has a long track record of helping his teammates set high expectations and reach their potential.

His personal mission is to be a catalyst that enables people, especially children, to develop a growth mindset and ultimately create joy in their lives. As founder of orangeKarma, he delivers on this mission by empowering sports and wellness companies of all sizes to make life easier,  simpler, and happier for everyone. Bharat has an established track record in the startup industry. He has founded, led, and advised diverse organizations such as Codie, Siminars, and LeagueApps. 

While holding a leadership role at LeagueApps, a vanguard in the world of youth sports technology, he built the industry's most robust, technology-based integration center. He developed a unique and powerful framework to enable companies to better assess their customers, as well as their customer's customers, and their partners. He determined the most effective way to design, build, and launch content, marketing or technology partnerships given the resources at his disposal.

Bharat curently resides in Harlem with his black lab, Karma. When not helping his clients shape the future of their business through partnerships, Bharat can be found working on his push draw at 5iron golf, or handing out oranges to the future All-Stars on the T-ball teams he coaches in Harlem; his way of encouraging the adorable four and five year olds to strive for greatness.


Matthew Schoolmaster - Chief Technology Officer

Matthew is a natural problem solver.

After learning programming to facilitate completing his dual masters in Mathematics and Cognitive and Neural Modelling at Boston University, he dove head first into IT.  A fan of small companies and startups, Matthew has worn every hat in the technology department, often all at the same time.  While Matthew enjoys researching and physically building computers, his specialties lie in creating, launching and maintaining large scale technology architecture plans.  Over the course of his career, Matthew has written the custom code and designed the cloud infrastructure that powers millions of ecommerce customers, as well as the networking infrastructure that powers live courtroom trial streaming to thousands of concurrent viewers.  He has designed, built and deployed the entire technology stack at multiple companies.  Matthew possesses a comprehensive perspective on how data moves through our modern technology systems, and how that ultimately empowers decision making, higher quality work product and job satisfaction.

Transparency, optimization and scalability are fundamental to Matthew’s ethos.  Within partnerships, he strives to build and shape environments which meet specific needs while also creating room for competitive growth and inclusivity.  Nothing delights Matthew more than unraveling mysteries and exceeding expectations.  Matthew does not consider a solution complete unless it provides data to inform the next iteration.  He strives to build systems which provide consumable, actionable data to build the future.

Matthew is Colorado born and raised, a lifetime Broncos fan, rock climber, and Classic Tetris competitor.  He currently resides with his wife and Bengal cat in Coastal South Carolina overlooking a salt marsh, steps from the ocean and minutes from the golf course.




We surround ourselves with visionaries, thought leaders and difference-makers who help us raise your game. Meet our deep bench of exceptional (and mostly) human beings:

our exceptional bench

  • Brian Litvack

Founder & CEO, LeagueApps

  • Cristina Flashchen

Founder & CEO, Pandium

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 9.47.41 PM
  • Gotham Chopra

Founder, Religion of Sports

  • Don Moody

Founder & CEO, Codie

  • Alisa Bajramovic

Product Manager, LeagueApps

  • Isaiah Clarke

Manager, Design Shop, LeagueApps

  • Nadir Ahmad

Founder & CEO, Dowling Street

  • Karma

Co-Founder, orangeKarma
(nope, not a human)


Some of our favorite Partners

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orangeKarma's JuiceStation

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