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By pachecolouis | January 25, 2023

Have a look around our new site. We love feedback so let us know what you think!

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By Bharat Chopra | January 22, 2023

More info coming soon! Stay tuned.

Group 11
It’s mission time! Let’s team up to launch and grow your business.


  Turn your idea into a business plan

  Justify your business plan with a robust financial model

  Understand your customer and your market

  Design and build a proof of concept

  Create a brand-identity and launch a digital footprint


Brian Litvack

Founder & CEO, LeagueApps

Brian is a start-up human - thinker, doer, software-obsessed, entrepreneur who likes to execute, manage, lead and get results while having fun. Brian led the original thinking behind the LeagueApps Integration Center, and opened the door for Bharat to design orangeKarma's frameworks and build expertise in the partnership and platform space.


Cristina Flashchen

Founder & CEO, Pandium

Cristina is a pioneer in the integration as a platform (iPaaS) landscape. Pandium, an industry leading platform, Pandium is the result of her obsession helping software companies solve interoperability problems. She played an instrumental role in helping Bharat learn the technical side of the partnership space.

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Gotham Chopra

Founder, Religion of Sports

Gotham Chopra  is a sports documentarian, media entrepreneur, producer, podcast host, director, journalist, and author. He is a co-founder of Religion of Sports; he is known for his sports-centric films, having worked with athletes such as Tom Brady and Kobe Bryant. While children, Gotham regularly threw fastballs (yes they were tennis balls) at Bharat's head during their epic one-on-one baseball battles in the backyard. This instilled a lifelong sense of fearlessness in Bharat, paving the way for his entrepreneurial journeys.


Don Moody

Founder & CEO, Codie

In addition to creating characters, Emmy-award winning content, and products that entertain and educate preschool children,  Don has also succeeded in growing a business from zero to $30mm in 5 years, setting him apart as both a television producer and a business leader. Don helped Bharat learn to set the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of his work and life.


Alisa Bajramovic

Product Manager, LeagueApps

Alisa worked deep in the trenches alongside Bharat, building the LeagueApps integration center. In rapid fashion, she became the best Developer Advocate the youth sports industry had ever seen, designing and building integrations. She has already forgotten more about APIs than most of you will ever now. 


Nadir Ahmad

Isaiah Clarke, Manager,
Design Shop, LeagueApps

Zay is a one-of-a-kind human (although don't tell that to his twin brother Zak), who has designed and built over 500 local & youth sports websites during his tenure at LeagueApps.  A born teacher, Zay helps his customers think through their marketing objectives and strategy and then delivers a unique, powerful brand identity and digital footprint in their own voice and style.

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